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As a diver, a blogger and the founder of a blogging platform built for Divers, I am obviously a big fan of reading scuba related blogs myself. Here is my roundup of my 5 favorite Scuba Blogs online today.


This is a great blog with one of the largest social media following.

Their founder, Nadia – did a fantastic job with creating a really rich content blog and authority site. She did a great job with maintaining a really good standard of quality in the writing, in the media and the tone itself.

The blog is extremely consistent with really useful and/or entertaining posts.

Some numbers:

  • Home Page PR 3
  • 1m+ facebook fans (!!!), 17k twitter followers and 45k G+ Followers.
  • 13k backlinks from 350 domains. Ahrefs domain rank = 50


The Padi blog is a close second. The PADI entire webpresence went through a pleasant upgrade and even their content strategy altered. The blog is very well designed and usually has some really good, non self promotional content that is both useful and interesting.

Frankly, its no surprise that PADI, being the giants that they are have such a resource, it was coming for a long while.

Some numbers

  • Blog Page PR 5
  • 1.1m+ facebook fans, 63k+ twitter followers and 600k+ G+ Followers
  • Although has few inbound links, has over 1.7m which gives the entire domain super power level rank.


This is a relatively new blog that has taken over the webesphere rather quickly.

The two ladies that run it have a very fun approach to blogging and rather than trying to be super informative or ‘useful’ perse, they focus on just really entertaining blog posts and vlogs of their dive travels and adventures.

I also like their approach to monetization which is to promote a line of clothing rather than sell ads. Its a great approach.

Some numbers:

  • PR 3 Home Page
  • 750k+ facebook fans, 45k twitter followers
  • 4.6k inbound links from 237 sites


DeeperBlue is a site that is not just for scuba divers, however its definitely an interesting resource, especially considering that most divers are atleast somewhat interested in free diving.

They often have very useful tutorials and in depth articles about different aspects of diving and have a rather clean reading experience aswell.

Some numbers

  • 32k+ facebook fans and 50k+ twitter followers
  • 15k inbound links from ~ 1000 domains


This blog is great and focuses primarily on the underwater photography aspect of scuba diving, which however is super useful to any diver, most of whom also happen to have a camera with them.

Camera reviews, tutorials and trip logs.

Very cool blog.

Some numbers

  • PR 5 Home Page
  • 5k+ twitter followers and 3k+ facebook fans
  • 164k (!!!) inbound links from 2k domains.

Thanks for reading.

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