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Ruchi Bhimani
Future Leader Producers

  • Recognition

    Ruchi is the 2014 recipient of San Francisco Film Society’s International Producer Fellowship and works closely with SFFS to develop all her projects. More recently, she was named as one of the Future Leader Producers by Screen Daily at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015
  • Artistically and Socially engaging

    Over the past four years, One-Eyed Turtle Films has been working with international producers, like VICE London and Dartmouth Films, to create quality non-fiction content for the international market. The company has a vision to produce artistically and socially engaging fiction and non-fiction material.
  • Work

    In the course of her decade-long career, Ruchi has been involved with several landmark films like Rakesh Sharma’s Final Solutions, Q's Love in India, and Prashant Bhargava's Patang. In 2010, she started collaborating with Anand Gandhi for his debut film, Ship of Theseus. She went on to work closely with Recyclewala Films to distribute the National Award-winning documentary, Gulabi Gang, and to produce their cutting-edge fantasy horror film, Tumbad, currently in post-production. Along with Anand, she is also producing Proposition for Revolution.
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